Jianfei Zhao

Jianfei Zhao

Research Associate

Poethig Lab


AUG 2008-DEC 2013: Ph.D., Washington State University, Pullman, WA.
AUG 2005-JUNE 2008: M.S., University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.
SEPT 1999-JUNE 2004: B.S., University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China.

Selected Publications

● Tayengwa R., Zhao J., Pierce C.F., Werner B.E., Neff M.M. (2018) Synopsis of The SOFL Plant-specific Gene Family. G3: Genes, Genomics and Genetics. DOI: 10.1534/g3.118.200040. (8):1281-1290.

● Xu M.L., Hu T.Q., Zhao J., Mee Y.P., Earley K.W., Wu G., Poethig R.S. (2016) Developmental Functions of miR156-targeted SQUAMOSA PROMOTER BINDING PROTEIN-LIKE (SPL) Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genetics, 12, e1006263.

● Favero D., Facques C.N., Iwase A., Le K.N., Zhao J., Sugimoto K., Neff M.M. (2016) SUPPRESSOR OF PHYTOCHROME B4-3 Represses Genes Associated with Auxin Signaling to Modulate Hypocotyl Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiol, 171, 2701-2716.

● Peng H., Zhao J. and Neff M. M. (2015) ATAF2 Integrates Arabidopsis Brassinosteroid Inactivation and Seedling Photomorphogenesis. Development, 142(23):4129-38 (doi: 10.1242/dev.124347).

● Zhao J.*, Favero S. D., Qiu J., Roalson H. E., Neff M. M. (2014) Insights into the Evolution and Diversification of the AT-hook Motif Nuclear Localized Gene Family in Land Plants. BMC Plant Biology, 14:266 doi:10.1186/s12870-014-0266-7 (*First and corresponding author)

● Zhao J., Favero S. D., Peng H. and Neff M. M. (2013) The Arabidopsis thaliana AHL Family Modulates Hypocotyl Growth Redundantly by Interacting with Each Other via the PPC/DUF296 Domain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 110:48 E4688-E4697 doi: 10.1073/pnas.1219277110.

● Vermerris W., Zhao J., Ladisch M. R. and Mosier M. S. (2007) In situ Visualization of Cellulases in Maize Mutants with Enhanced Biomass Conversion Properties, 29th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals, Denver, CO

● Chao Q., Zhao J., Li W., Du L., Liu L. (2003) Study on the Wistar Rat Liver and its Walker Tumor Chromatins by Fluorescence Lifetime and Calorimetric Measurements. Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry, 20 (12):1135-1138