The philosophy of the Biology Department is to create an environment in which many areas of biology are represented, and interactions with a diverse group of colleagues provide opportunities to broaden your thinking and make connections between different fields and scientific approaches.

Upcoming Events

Evolutionary Systems Biology of Species Interactions

Dr. Simon C. "Niels" Groen, New York University
- | Tedori Family Auditorium, Levin Building

Retracing relationships between DNA sequence evolution, phenotype, and fitness allows us to uncover the genetic mechanisms of adaptation. Knowledge of adaptive genomic loci is important for…

Parental conflict, parent of origin effects, and the evolution of reproductive isolation in Mimulus

Dr. Jenn Coughlan, University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill
- | Tedori Family Auditorium, Levin Building

Theory predicts that intra-genomic conflicts may play a central role in the evolution of hybrid sterility and inviability, but…

Biodiversity forecasting for plant populations & communities

Dr. Will Petry, Princeton University
- | Tedori Family Auditorium, Levin Building

Understanding the rules that generate the common patterns of biodiversity is a grand challenge in ecology, a goal that spans levels of ecological organization and is fundamental to effectively responding to the…