Biology is fundamental to our changing world. The 21st century challenge for our students, our scholars, and the greater society is to understand our place in this changing world and to create fundamental knowledge for informed policies, economies, and social structure.

Upcoming Events

From the Blackboard to the Clinic: combining mechanism-driven models with machine learning for personalized medicine

Dr. Giovanna Guidoboni, University of Maine
- | Zoom

Machine Learning (ML) aims at extracting information and knowledge from data. ML is naturally interdisciplinary, as it bridges fundamental techniques of data analysis, typically developed by mathematicians,…

Three microswimmers stories

Julien Bouvard, Adam Gargasson, Taha Laroussi
- | DRL (room # TBD) and via Zoom

Abstract: The swimming motion of micro-organisms has recently seen an increasing interest from physicists, utilizing the recent progresses in microscopy and the development of microfluidics to study…

Rewired regulatory pathways involving retrotransposons impact reproduction and early development

Dr. Andrew Modzelewski, Penn Vet School
- | Leidy 109 and via Zoom

Abstract: Throughout evolution, viruses and mobile elements have hijacked cellular systems to copy/paste themselves throughout mammalian genomes, giving rise to Retrotransposons. While 2% of the human genome…