Biology is fundamental to our changing world. The 21st century challenge for our students, our scholars, and the greater society is to understand our place in this changing world and to create fundamental knowledge for informed policies, economies, and social structure.

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Dissecting causes of variation in immune defenses: the case of the swarming T-helper cells

Andrea Graham
- | Virtual

Individual-level heterogeneity often drives ecological and evolutionary dynamics.  The effects of individual variation are especially clear in host-parasite interactions, and all the more so during a global pandemic…

Mapping the neural dynamics of social dominance and defeat

Annegret L. Falkner
- | Tedori Family Auditorium

Social experiences can have lasting changes on behavior and affective state.  In particular, repeated wins and losses during fighting can facilitate and suppress the likelihood of future aggressive behavior, leading…

The Evolution of Development of Climbing Plant

Joyce (Chery) Onyenedum
- | Tedori Family Auditorium

Woody vines (=lianas) are the boa constrictors of the plant kingdom, bearing the unique ability to twine and coil their appendages around a host plant in search of light at the top of the forest canopy.