Biology is fundamental to our changing world. The 21st century challenge for our students, our scholars, and the greater society is to understand our place in this changing world and to create fundamental knowledge for informed policies, economies, and social structure.

Upcoming Events

Mechanisms of climate change resilience in reef-building corals

Dr. Katie Barott, University of Pennsylvania
- | Leidy Room 10


Environmental variability is predicted to promote stress tolerance by selecting for phenotypic plasticity. However, the influence of environmental variability (e.g. diel fluctuations in seawater…

Shifting Parties in Social Dynamics: a Nonlocal Approach

Olivia Cannon, University of Minnesota
- | DRL 4C2 and via Zoom

Abstract: The bounded confidence model is well-known for its dynamics of party formation within the sphere of social dynamics. We investigate the addition of bias terms, modeling shifts in opinions,…

Seminar with Henry Fu

Henry Fu, University of Utah
- | DRL 4C4