Past Events

Evolutionary dynamics of cooperation via indirect reciprocity

Dr. Taylor Kessinger, Penn Postdoctoral Researcher
- | Leidy Room 10

The evolution of learned behaviors: insights from birds and humans

Nicole Creanza, Vanderbilt University
- | DRL 4C4

Data-driven conductance-based neuronal modeling with applications to circadian rhythms and Alzheimer’s disease

Casey Diekman, New Jersey Institute of Technology
- | DRL 4C4

Evolution in the Anthropocene: Mechanisms and consequences of human-mediated selection

Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton
- | Leidy Room 10

Dynamic modelling of horizontal gene transfer in microbial populations

Brian Ingalls
- | DRL 3C8 and Zoom

Maintenance of genetic variation for fitness in a pedigreed wild population

Dr. Nancy Chen, University of Rochester
- | Leidy Laboratories of Biology, Room 10

Ensuring Positive Impact – centering reciprocity when engaging with communities through STEM

Dr. David Delaine, Ohio State University
- | Levin Building Auditorium (Tedori Family Auditorium)

Data-driven model construction for dynamic biological systems

Niall Mangan
- | DRL 3C8 and Zoom