Past Events

Mathematical models of organelle size control and scaling

Dr. Thomas Fai, Brandeis University
- | DRL 4C2 and via Zoom

Nuclear compensatory evolution driven by mito-nuclear incompatibilities

Dr. Débora Princepe
- | DRL 4C2 and via Zoom

The tempo of adaptation to agriculture across timescales in weeds and crops

Dr. Julia Kreiner, University of Chicago
- | Leidy 109 and via Zoom

Complex Probabilistic Models in Evolutionary Biology: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Sebastien Roch, University of Wisconsin, Madison
- | Zoom Only

Penn Science Café: Sex, Courtship, and Bird Behavior Go High Tech

Dr. Marc Schmidt, Professor of Biology, University of Pennsylvania
- | Morris Arboretum & Gardens
100 East Northwestern Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19104

Predicting front invasion speeds via marginal stability

Montie Avery
- | DRL 4C2 and via Zoom

Finding a needle in a haystack: looking for non-coding RNA functions

Dr. Martin Crespi, Université Paris-Saclay
- | Leidy 109 and via Zoom

Dynamics of sleep homeostasis

Dr. Cecilia Diniz Behn, Colorado School of Mines
- | DRL 4C2 and via Zoom

It’s too late to Mitigate: Resilience & Adaptation in plants

Dr. Joanne Chory, Salk Institute for Biological Studies
- | Levin Auditorium and via Zoom