Science Education Academy

About SEA

Founded in 2008, in part by Penn Biology's own Ishmail Abdus-Saboor, Science Education Academy (SEA) is a STEM non-profit (501c3) whose aim is to support elementary grade students in their science education with hands-on exposure and experience with scientific method and inquiry.

This fall, SEA will resume with an all new virtual curriculum. This academic year their goals are to:

1) Organize a virtual public outreach lecture from a renowned speaker in the field

2) Reinforce ideas from the lecture through activities/demonstrations that can be performed with common items at home. These activities would be led virtually by volunteers.

3) Provide a platform for research trainees to speak about their projects to children and their parents,


How can you get involved?

Penn Biology (or any department's) faculty, students, and staff can get involved in any of goals above. SEAs is looking for help soliciting faculty to give lectures and graduate students and postdocs for leading demonstrations and sharing their work with the community.

Those interested can reach out to <>.