Scott Poethig

Dr. Scott Poethig

John H. and Margaret B. Fassitt Professor


Research Interests

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Ph.D., Yale University, 1981 

M.S., Yale University, 1977 

B.A., College of Wooster, 1974

Research Interests

 Plants change as they develop. Some of these changes occur gradually over a long period of time, whereas others occur quickly, often resulting in major changes in shoot morphology. This latter phenomenon is termed phase change, and is the primary focus of our research. We are particularly interested in the juvenile-to-adult transition, also known as vegetative phase change. This transition precedes flowering, and is characterized by changes in shoot architecture and patterns of cellular differentiation, by an increase in reproductive competence, and by changes in a variety of physiological processes. Vegetative phase change is promoted by a group of plant-specific transcription factors (SBP/SPL proteins), whose expression is repressed during the juvenile phase by the miRNAs, miR156 and miR157. Vegetative phase change occurs when the levels of miR156/miR157 decline, leading to an increase in the abundance of SBP/SPL proteins. We are studying how the temporal expression pattern of miR156/miR157 is regulated, and how these miRNAs produce the morphological and physiological changes associated with vegetative phase change

We work primarily with Arabidopsis thaliana, but are also exploring the mechanism and evolution of vegetative phase change in the Acacieae, a pantropical family of nitrogen-fixing trees that includes species that do, and do not, undergo vegetative phase change. Our analysis of a group of Australian Acacias that do not undergo vegetative phase revealed that this phenotype is associated with a change in the expression pattern of miR156, and we are working to determine the genetic basis of this change.  We are also studying the function of miR156 in the ant-Acacias of Central America, which produce a suite of morphological traits (swollen thorns, extra-floral nectaries, Beltian bodies) that facilitate their mutualistic relationship with ants.

A third area of interest is the development of genetic tools for Arabidopsis thaliana. We recently produced a set of transgenic lines (Traffic Lines) that significantly increase the speed and decrease the cost of many common tasks in genetic analysis.  We are currently developing a set of Traffic lines that will allow investigators to monitor the segregation of 1 mB segments across the entire genome, and identify recombination events within these regions. 

Courses Taught

Biology 17: The Biology of Food

Biology 540: Genetic Analysis

Selected Publications

Poethig, R. S., Cullina, W.L, Doody, E.,Floyd, T., Fouracre, J.P., Hu,T.,  Xu, M., Zhao, J. (in press) Short-interval Traffic Lines: versatile tools for genetic analysis in Arabidopsis thaliana

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