Ocean Epidemics From Foundation to Keystone Species

Department of Biology Seminar Series
Drew Harvell, Cornell University
- | virtual
Dr. Drew Harvell

Seminar with Drew Harvell

Cornell University

Host: Katie Barott

The Harvell Lab studies infectious disease outbreaks of foundation and keystone species in the ocean. The lab's current focus is on tracking spread and impact of wasting disease of eelgrass on a latitudinal scale from San Diego to Alaska. Nine years of San Juan Island surveys have revealed years of eelgrass disease outbreaks by the infectious protozoan, Labyrinthula zosterae and big reductions in meadow density and extent. Our work is showing linkages of increasing disease with warm temperature anomalies. New work is also underway to investigate the causative agent of sea star wasting disease and continuing patterns in what is now a continental scale, 8 year long outbreak, resulting in big ecological impacts and at least one endangered species. Dr. Harvell's book, Ocean Outbreak, investigates four major marine disease epidemics, how the consequent changes reverberate through the interactions of the ocean organisms themselves and poses new solutions.

PLEASE NOTE: this event will be virtual.

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