Approved Extra-Departmental Courses

Students may count up to two of these courses towards the "four additional biology courses" requirement.  Biology courses cross-listed in other departments count as regular biology courses

ANTH246 - Molecular Anthropology *restrictions

BE305 - Engineering Principles of Human Physiology

BE540 - Biomolecular and Cellular Engineering

BE553 - Principles, Methods, and Applications of Tissue Engineering

BIBB260 (PSYC239) - Neuroendocrinology *restrictions

BIBB269 - Autonomic Physiology

BIBB460 (PSYC439) - Neuroendrinology Seminar *restrictions

BIOM555 - Control of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Gene Expression

CAMB511 - Principles of Development 

CHEM251 - Principles of Biological Chemistry *restrictions

CHEM451 - Biological Chemistry I

CHEM452 - Biological Chemistry I

GEOL205 - Paleontology

IMUN508 - Immune Responses

IMUN506 - Immune Mechanisms

NGG597 - Developmental Neurobiology

PHYS280 - Physical Models of Biological Systems

PSYC127 (BIBB227) - Physiology of Motivated Behaviors

PSYC149 (BIBB249) - Cognitive Neuroscience