Biology Minor Requirements

To make a request to apply for a Chemistry Minor, please log-in to Path@Penn, select Path forms, then choose "Declare/Update Field of Study". Also, please fill out the Student Information form and Course Sequence Worksheet for the minor and submit to the following link. Please email with any questions.


Introductory Biology (2-3 CUs)

Track 1 (2 CUs): BIOL1121 with BIOL1123 and BIOL1124 [BIOL121 with 123 and BIOL 124]
Track 2 (3 CUs): BIOL1101 and BIOL1102 [BIOL 101 and 102]

Introductory Chemistry (2 CUs)

CHEM1011 or 1012 or 1151 (1 CU) [CHEM101 or 115]
CHEM1021 or 1022 or 1161 (1 CU) [CHEM102 or 116]

Intermediate Biology (4 CUs) 

Select one course from each of the following groups:

Group 1: BIOL2810 or BIOL2010 or CHEM2510 (1 CU) [BIOL204 or 205 or CHEM 251]

Group 2: BIOL2210 (1 CU) [BIOL 221]

Group 3: BIOL2311 or BIOL2140 or BIOL2110 or 3310 (1 CU) [BIOL 210 or 231 or 251 or 215]

Group 4: BIOL2410 or BIOL2610 (1 CU) [BIOL 230 or 240]

Additional Biology Course (Track 1 only)

Additional BIOL2000, 3000, 4000, or 5000 level courses

Must be a BIOL course, no extradepartmental courses accepted.


At least 3 of the 7 BIOL courses for the minor must be unique to the Biology minor and cannot be counted toward any other majors or minors.