Applying to Submatriculate in Biology

To submatriculate to the Master's program, you must complete the Graduate School application before taking graduate level courses.  

1. All applicants must have the support of a Master's Thesis Advisor and attend a Biology Master's Program information session prior to submitting a formal application. All members of the Biology graduate group can serve as your Master's Thesis Advisor ( and; please be sure to complete the Advisor Support Form.

2. Print a copy of the Submatriculation Form and see the Master’s Program Director, Dr. Dustin Brisson, to discuss coursework. The Undergraduate Chair must sign the Submatriculation Form if courses are to be double-counted between the Master's and undergraduate degrees.*More information on required signatures in Step 4.

3. Fill out a Graduate Application and pay the application fee. Required sections on the online application: Personal Information, Program Information, Undergraduate College/University, Additional Information, and a brief Personal Statement. Upload an unofficial transcript, resume, and if you wish, writing samples/research papers.  Have three of your professors write recommendation letters for you using the links on the online application. One letter must be from your Master's thesis advisor. Graduate applications must be received no later than December 15 of your junior year.

4.Contact your College Contact (College Advising Office - 120 Cohen Hall, 215-898-6341) to review the Submatriculation Form. Obtain signatures from the Undergraduate Chair and Graduate Group Chair's signature. You must then submit it to the Master’s Program Director or the Academic Office, Leidy Lab room 102.

5. IMPORTANT:  You must submit a Submatriculation form to your College Contact each semester. If courses are not showing up on your graduate transcript, make sure the form you completed is up to date.

6. Register to graduate with the Master’s degree in the first academic month of the semester in which you plan to graduate. You will receive directions on how to write your thesis and other requirements. You will not be giving the Graduate School a copy of your thesis, contrary to what the directions tell you.